What does your company do?

Our company does a wide variety of things based on each individual real estate situation. We buy a lot of properties in the area that need work and we also purchase a lot of nicer homes from people who don't want to deal with paying hefty realtor commissions. We can make you an offer in the next 24 to 48 hours on your home and we can close on your timeline. There are also many other benefits ot working with us. To start the process all we need to do is gather some basic information about the property.

How can you buy a house in 9 days?

Well, most of the time we are cash buyers and all we would have to do is a title search and prepare the paperwork and we can close in that time-frame. We move very quickly if need be. Although not everyone has to sell their house in this short time frame. In fact, most people need a little more time, but if you did have to move quickly we can do it.



Is your company just going to low ball me?

No. Every piece of real estate is unique so what we do is evaluate the property, the are that it's in, and make you an offer directly. You don't have to pay any commissions. What we do is purchase properties from private individuals. Just think of us as a cheaper and more efficient way to sell your house as opposed to using a Realtor.


So how does this work? Do you need to see the house first?

The process is pretty straight forward. The first thing we do is take a quick tour of the house together so we can get a feel for what it looks like and what type of work it needs. If there is anything that needs work no matter how large or small we will point that out to you. Then we will sit down together and talk more about your situation and hopefully we can come up with a win-win situation.


I need money for my next down payment.

In some cases we can give you  money now in order to have enough for a down payment and create a mortgage on the property which we would pay off within a couple of years. This would allow you to receive interest on your money in a lump sum and it would be great for us because we could close on the property quickly.


How do you assist me with moving?

Well, it's pretty simple actually. We can do two things.  First, we can put together a list of all apartments that fit the criteria of what you desire and then either assist you in the process of finding one. Even better than that we can find an agent who works on your behalf to find a place to live. The best part about this is that the landlord is the one who pays the agent so they work for free.


Aren't you going to resell it for a profit?

Our company does make a profit when we sell it to our buyer down the road... however, we do have a lot of costs associated with acquiring a home, updating and repairing anything that needs to be fixed, and the holding cost until we find a family to buy the home.

I want cash out of the deal if we do a short sale.

When the bank decides to reduce their payoff amount they will require that you receive no money at closing. This may ot sound appealing, however it is much better that the possibility of losing your home and still owing the bank money. That is called a deficiency judgment and that is the last thing you want.

We will work with you of course to make sure that you receive some moving money which we can discuss when we meet in person. Our first goal is to get you out of foreclosure without having a deficiency judgment against you.


I'm going to just declare bankruptcy.

This is understandable why you may consider this option however, you must consider what type of bankruptcy you wish to consider.

Filing bankruptcy does not mean you will not have to make up these back payments at a later date and that it ultimately only delays the problem.  We can show you how to solve this problem once and for all so that you can move on with your life.